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New NAND K9GAG08U0E for Samsung UA/UN/UEXXD55XX/D57XX programmed, tested  {1}
New NAND K9GAG08U0E for Samsung UA/UN/UEXXD55XX/D57XX programmed, tested  {2}
New NAND K9GAG08U0E for Samsung UA/UN/UEXXD55XX/D57XX programmed, tested  {3}
New NAND K9GAG08U0E for Samsung UA/UN/UEXXD55XX/D57XX programmed, tested  {4}
New NAND K9GAG08U0E for Samsung UA/UN/UEXXD55XX/D57XX programmed, tested  {1}
New NAND K9GAG08U0E for Samsung UA/UN/UEXXD55XX/D57XX programmed, tested  {2}
New NAND K9GAG08U0E for Samsung UA/UN/UEXXD55XX/D57XX programmed, tested  {3}
New NAND K9GAG08U0E for Samsung UA/UN/UEXXD55XX/D57XX programmed, tested  {4}

New NAND K9GAG08U0E for Samsung UA/UN/UEXXD55XX/D57XX programmed, tested

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New NAND K9GAG08U0E for Samsung UA/UN/UEXXD55XX/D57XX programmed, tested

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For the paid price, you will receive a prepared and tested NAND, which after installation on the PCB will work and the possibility of tracking the shipment
tracking number. It is a NAND memory that I have prepared and tested for you for replacement in the Samsung UE/UA/UN LED TV types:- 32D5500- 32D5520- 32D5700- 32D5720- 37D5500
37D5520- 37D5700- 37D5720- 40D5500- 40D5520- 40D5700- 40D5720- 46D5500- 46D5520- 46D5700- 46D5720 Furthermore, the use is recommended for Samsung plasma TVs PS/PN:- 51D6500- 51D6900- 59D6900  Please use (is recommended) only for the mainboard with the description BN41-01660, BN41-01605 and BN41-01577, the description on the label BN94-XXXXX is not important, it is necessary to search for the description written directly on the board. More detailed information on the issue is described below and includes:- Fraudulent practices by other vendors- Examples of how to replace NAND - soldering method- TV malfunction symptoms that indicate NAND failure and symptoms similar and related to the issue- Method of software upgrade if necessary- Method of testing connections after NAND replacement- The way I prepare and test the NAND before it is sent to you- Method of packing NAND before transport, method of shipmentPlease see details below ... Thank you all for your trust and I want to share with you a document about of the Slovak (Czechoslovakia - Czechoslovak Socialist Republic - ČSSR) semiconductor and CMOS chips manufacturer "group company TESLA Piešťany", which was established in 1960 and disapear in 1990, it would still function today.  After the purchase of a part of it by an American company they sold all the equipments.This year we therefore commemorate the 60th anniversary of its establishment.https://youtu.be/_sWHG-8JVy4
Before starting of soldering work, I recommend staying calm and listening to something interesting. In my case, for example  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHJXhfAl9IAEva Kostolányiová is and will forever be a Slovak pop star. We remember ... This year it's been 46 years since she left us forever.
Warning: If any dealer declares that the memory is OK and that no software or
SMART" update is recommended at the same time, the memory is not OK and after a while you may have trouble restarting the TV ... Warnung: Wenn ein Händler erklärt, dass der Speicher fehlerfrei ist und dass nicht gleichzeitig ein Software- oder "SMART" -Update empfohlen wird, ist der Speicher nicht fehlerfrei und nach einer Weile kann es zu Problemen beim Neustart des Fernsehgeräts kommen ... Attenzione: se il rivenditore dichiara che la memoria è priva di errori e che un aggiornamento software o un aggiornamento "SMART" non è consigliato allo stesso tempo, la memoria non sarà esente da errori e potrebbe esserci un problema con il riavvio del televisore dopo poco... Avertissement: Si un revendeur déclare que la mémoire est exempte d'erreurs et qu'une mise à jour du logiciel ou une mise à jour «SMART» n'est pas recommandée en même temps, la mémoire ne sera pas exempte d'erreurs et il peut y avoir un problème de redémarrage du téléviseur après un certain temps... Advertencia: Si algún minorista declara que la memoria está libre de errores y que no se recomienda una actualización de software o una actualización "SMART" al mismo tiempo, la memoria no estará libre de errores y después de un tiempo puede haber un problema al reiniciar el televisor... Varovanie: Ak akýkoľvek predajca tvrdí, že pamäť je bezchybná a že sa súčasne neodporúča aktualizácia softvéru alebo aktualizácia „SMART“, pamäť nebude bezchybná a po chvíli môže nastať problém s reštartovaním televízora...
SMART», память не будет исправной, и через некоторое время может возникнуть
More detailed explanation / Detailliertere Erklärung / Spiegazione più dettagliata / Explication plus détaillée / Explicación más detallada /  Podrobnejšie vysvetlenie / Более подробное объяснение: If any vendor claims that "Do not update after installation" it is not clear what exactly this means (software update? Or SMART update?).Anyway, if this vendor shows you what not to do, there will be some problem if you do so anyway. However, it does not specify what the problem is.If he wanted to write the truth, he would write "Please don't update (what exactly), because the dump I'm recording has a problem and the TV crashes again ... Please find the time and you can read the detailed and full description of the issue below ... If any vendor claims that "" all "K9GAG08U0E chips have a few bad blocks from the factory," that's true, and it's true.But if he adds at the same time that
Those blocks are marked as such and no data will be written there" he is only partially right.It is true that it is not possible to write to the wrong blocks because they are blocked by the chip manufacturer, but that is not all that you need to know.The point is that if the data that should have been written to the faulty block is lost or is written one block lower, a fault will occur because the BBT of the chip does not have information about it. And that's the whole truth.The correct procedure is that the data that should have been written to the bad block is written to the spare block at the end of the memory, and the BBT has information about where the CPU should look for this data.
Small training on the easiest way to do disassembly and assembly of NAND soldering without damaging the pcb.To do this you need:- Solder diameter 0,5-0,7mm preferably PbSn or quality lead-free solder- Soldering station
temperature of tip 280-300°C) and tip of soldering station you must clean in a damp sponge moistened with water always after each manipulation to keep the tip always silver and tin-plated.- Decent solder jelly (flux) eg. Warton Metal
future rework jelly" or Amtech NC-559 and the like.- Solder wick- Magnifying glass or lamp with magnifying glass https://youtu.be/GnOFRe60uS8https://youtu.be/Iu4rfutdm9g Always use more solder and flux than less to prevent the solder from drying out, causing poor heat transfer from the tip to the soldering pads and legs. Dont to forget to check the connections by measuring for correct connections leg-pcb pad without shorts with legs close. I offer new (not used) the fully functional IC1302 MLC 2GB NAND K9GAG08U0E SCB0 (2Gigabytes x 8 - 16Gigabites) memory chips in the TSOP48 package suitable for replacement in TVs Samsung with BN41-01660A or BN41-01660B motherboard, which are used in models UE32D5500, UE32D5520, UE32D5700, UE32D5720, UE37D5500, UE37D5520, UE37D5700, UE37D5720, UE40D5500 , UE40D5520, UE40D5700, UE40D5720, UE46D5500, UE46D5520, UE46D5700, UE46D5720, possibly in non-European TVs with UA and UN prefixes. The memories are thoroughly tested on a TV of this type and fully functional. Memory should be changed if the TV is cyklicaly restarting and each start of TV indicates RED LED blinking and displayed the "smart" logo (if the logo was activated in the menu when using the TV earlier). NAND content is primary to UE (European models of the same TV with sw versions 1025 or 1027).If you are using an older version of the software, the TV works normally after replacing the NAND (the problem with endless bootloop / reboot will be fixed if the problem was with the original NAND), but if you try to recover the smart, problems may occur.Therefore, I recommend that after replacing the NAND (if the TV is already operating normally), check which version of sw you are using - select in menu "SUPPORT" , "SW UPGRADE" and TV show current version.If the version is not 1025 or 1027, it is necessary to update the software on UE models via USB or network and after successful software upgrade you can start smart functions.However, if your TV is a UA or UN model (non-European), then version 1025 or 1027 may not be available to you, so you need to change your TV model to UE by replacing the EEPROM. To purchase NAND with EEPROM, use the ad: https://www..com/itm/173882146995 The same applies to the PS51D6500, PS51D6900, PS59D6900 plasma TV with the BN41-01605 mainboard. For non-European versions with PN prefix (eg PN51D6500, PN51D6900, PN51D7000 and similar), it is also necessary to perform a sw upgrade before starting of smart. Download Link of version 1025 for sw upgrade via external USB drive: https://uloz.to/file/zYfScAmJb9H1/t-mst5deuc-1025-0-rar To prepare for USB drive installation using a Windows PC:- Download T-MST5DEUC-1025.0.RAR file from the included link to your PC. Downloaded file has size in to PC-HDD: 61,8 MB (64 815 104 bytes) right click on "properties".- Unzip this RAR file on your PC eg. using WinRAR program.- Created file is: T-MST5DEUC-1025.0.exe with size in to PC-HDD: 61,8 MB (64 815 104 bytes)- Insert the USB drive into the PC and format it to FAT32- Run T-MST5DEUC-1025.0.exe- A program window will appear with instructions for using the installer- Click "browse" and select the path to the USB drive and click
OK" and click "Extract". The V1025 TV software will be saved to the USB drive and the installer will close automatically.- Safely log out the USB drive from Windows- The USB drive is ready for use on TV- Insert the USB stick into the TV and select in menu "SUPPORT" , "SW UPGRADE", "SW UPGRADE VIA USB" and follow the instructions on the TV screen. Since the process of testing each memory and creating a dump for writing to each memory is compatible with the original factory process, you can use the TV as before, including software/firmware update TV via USB or network. If you have any doubts or previous hits on the mainboard (eg. alchymistic
reset of EEPROM"), please contact me first. If you have any other problems with this TV platform, can also contact me. I just want to remind you that after soldering the memory, it is necessary to physically measure (via multimeter set on the buzzer) by means of thin sharp tips, all the connections between the chip legs  and the pads in the mainboard
or only those that are used - connected in the chip as you will see when reading the datasheet of mentioned memory that is freely available when browsing google).My experience says that viewing the quality of soldering connections by magnifying glass or microscope may not guarantee that the connections are physically present.
The memory write and verify process consists of:- 1.) FULL ERASE of NAND and  according to the found faulty blocks from production now creation of BBT (Bad Block Table).- 2.) WRITING a basic test dump that is cleaned from bit-errors by ECC algoritm (Error Correction Code) this TV family and contain mentioned BBT and bad blocks is skipped and dats writed to spare blocks by link of BBT. This dump not have SMART to verify the stability of the NAND during SMART installation on the TV. - 3.) NAND testing on TV of this family (BN41-01660) and subsequent installation of SMART with 15 applications. If the SMART installation was not successful, the NAND in question returns for error analysis in the chip contents.The content analysis of the chip is performed by checking the content according to the ECC of this TV family. The location of uncorrectable errors according to ECC in specific blocks is determined. These blocks are added to the BBT and the procedure is repeated from the beginning - point 1.)After 3 unsuccessful repetitions, mentioned NAND chip is discarded as unusable ore TV of this family.
4.) After a successful SMART installation, the sw upgrade test, the NAND is disconnected from the TV and the contents of the chip are analyzed by ECC.If uncorrectable errors are found, then blocks where located this unrecoverable errors is added to the BBT and the procedure is repeated from point 1.) After 3 repetitions of the procedure and despite efforts to remove the uncorrectable errors, and uncorrectable errors still persist, the NAND chip is discarded for use in this family's TV. Upon successful completion of these procedures, the NAND is full erased and written again by a test dump without SMART, and the BBT contains all unstable and faulty blocks that were detected during the tests.Dump without SMART is used because I do not know to which country the NAND chip will be sent and therefore the Slovak localization and applications are not necessary for every TV user.So after running of SMART on your TV, TV will automaticaly install your localization and your applications itself via internet .If you not use SMART, then you do not need to install anything. After these operations, the memory is packed to a cardboard with ESD foil or to an ESD tray for safe transport and ready to be sent in a bubble envelope. Shipping is worldwide - insured and registered letter (bubble envelope) with delivery tracking number RFXXXXXXXXXSK via Slovak State Post first class. This ensures long-term stability of memory in TV (at least 2 years of operation in ~1500 TVs with this mainboard where I had the honor to help the owners). Since the worst state of memory functionality on the TV by ECC is maximum 24 bad bits to each 1024 bytes (after a deterioration of the condition over 24/1024 it comes to a fault - spontaneous and cyclic reboot of the TV). This procedure can sucessfully used 99% new and also old memory chips K9GAG08U0E for this TV platform. It does not matter the number of bad blocks and their location in memory because the BBT production fills any state of the chip by replacing possibly bad blocks from factory list and also other worse blocks found during verification.All these blocks are replaced with spare blocks by using BBT. Number of spare blocks is sufficientare in memory. The programmer device and support of the ECC and BBT of this TV platform was developed by reverse engineering within the international cooperation of the Slovaks, Czechs and Russians, so we could say that we resumed cooperation that was interrupted after the collapse iron curtain within the Soviet bloc. If you have any questions about the problem and diagnose defects on this TV platform, please contact me through the form. Before submitting an advertisement, I studied in detail the competitive offers. I can list a few facts by testing the ordered memory from my competitors:- Advertisements from China with text "programmed, new soft" with price about from 3$ to 4$ per piece:  These memory chips are programmed only with a few bytes,    so they don't work on the TV at all.- Other advertisments with text
programmed and tested" with price 20$ or more per piece:  These are mostly memory offerings that are written with  datas without understanding how to correctly write and verify of NAND memory content of this type for use in Samsung TV mentioned platform. This is because the memory chips are writed by RT809H, TNM5000, Elnec, Dataman and the like programmers, which cannot properly adjust to write data for this particular memory chip state.For these reasons, such memory chips do not always work  properly.But that doesn't mean these chips are wrong or there is a problem with a large number of bad blocks.It just means that most people who write it don't understand the point of doing it not properly. I recommend contacting the seller to find out how much he understands what he is doing to make sure you of the reliability. Basically, it is easy to declare with "three words" about any some "important" certificates that will "make sure" that the memory is only original and has no errors and no bad blocks, but if at the same time writes notifications like:- Don't try to do software update on TV, because then the fault reappears again- We do not recommend using smart- Something else won't workThis means that the seller's claims are contradictory "they are built on water".The fact is that every piece of original also a new chip K9GAG08U0E has always had, has and will have some bit errors and if someone claims not, then don't understand the issue or lied.That's why I always write the truth from the beginning and not some marketing terms that make no sense if you start thinking.
Warning:If you feel that the purchased part does not work and you cooperate with me in trying to solve your problem, it may be necessary to take into account that in case of a complaint will be obliged you to send the goods back and only then the complaint will be accepted by refund or sending a new spare part or rejected if there is evidence of attempted fraud.
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